We Are Paint in Metal Cans

We are paint in metal cans.
We drip, we hurl, we
swirl our colors of fear 
confusion and sadness 
onto a canvas the size of grief.
It follows us wherever we go— 
hovering a few feet
behind our heads like a kite. 
Splattered spittles
of angry red vermillion, swirls
of blue sadness, puddles of brown 
confusion—your colors and mine—
we are the art. 
Today the unframed apparition
is reflected in the glass. 
I finally notice other colors 
I’d been too selfish to notice before:
huge splashes of courageous purple
and powerful black. 

“We Are Paint in Metal Cans,” by Gwendolyn Soper.

Source: 3,651 YEARS LIVED: Global Poetry & Prose Reflecting the Pandemic, Edited by Dallas A. Graham.

Also featured in:

Poetry Across the Pond and Beyond, a publication of Lockdown Poets (an underground poetry group founded by Ian Aitken). Gwendolyn is a member of this group, which originated in Scotland. Proceeds from sale of book go to the Cornhill Community Centre, Aberdeen, Scotland

Poetry & Covid, a project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, University of Plymouth, and Nottingham Trent University.

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