Cast Iron

O, the comfort and joy
we get from things aging
more slowly than us:

stone walls, houses of brick,
things that will be here
after we’re gone.

Cast iron sings Stability.
In this fast-moving world
there’s time.

Old skillets will be handed
down. And iron bells
every hour still chime.

“Cast Iron, ” by Gwendolyn Soper. All rights reserved by the author. For commercial purposes, permission to replicate must be obtained by the author. Educators may use it freely.

Source: Stuck Up. A poster of “Cast Iron” is pasted on a wall in Aberdeen, Scotland near the Market. It is one part of a collaborative effort, Stuck Up, by Nuart Aberdeen: a creation of the world’s longest paste-up wall of poetry and art (half a kilometer long). It went up the first week of August 2021.
Poster design: Bea Dawkins.

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