Gwendolyn Soper is
1 part poet
1 part commentary writer
1 part soprano
formerly with the Boston
Symphony Orchestra Chorus,
Utah Chamber Artists, and
opera role: Queen of the Night
1 part mother & grandmother
1 part-ner in marriage
1 part beekeeper in rural Utah.
Too many parts?

Gwendolyn Soper was born and raised Mormon in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the daughter of an artist mother, and an orthopedic surgeon father who died by suicide (or as her uncle preferred to say, “took himself off”) when Gwendolyn was six years old. She would retreat to the gully behind their home to explore the mill creek and rest against scrub oak to ponder. Her poetic interior landscape began to take shape in those woods.

Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Subtropics, Nine Mile Press, The Hopper and more, including Stuck Up (a collaborative effort by Nuart Aberdeen, Scotland to create the world’s longest paste-up wall of poetry and art. A poster of her poem, “Cast Iron,” is on that wall). She is founder and administrator of a poetry society for fans of the poet Billy Collins, with seemingly countless members from around the globe. In 2022 she led a poetry prompt at a Pernessy Poets Workshop using the poem “A Portable Paradise” as a template for writers to write their own. The collected poems from that workshop are available as a free e-chapbook.

She lives with her husband on a smallholding in rural Utah—a certified Monarch butterfly waystation. They enjoy being butlers to liberated chickens, ducks, rabbits, and alpacas.
The birds and the bees take care of themselves.